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4th International Chess Festival
part of CZECH TOUR 2013/2014 Series

Hradec Kralove 15th - 21th May 2013, the Czech Republic

Place the Cernigov hotel, Riegrovo namesti 1494, Hradec Kralove
Organizer AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o.
Festival director Jiri Petruzalek
Main arbiter Petr Lausman
Announced tournaments
A) 15th - 21th May 2013 HRADEC KRALOVE OPEN

open rating tournament with rating for ELO FIDE and DWZ
participation of players without age and performance limitations
Swiss system of 9 rounds
2 x 1,5h + 30s / move, waiting time is 1 h in case of late arrival
financial prizes in CZK*: 10 000, 7 000, 5 000, 3 000, 2 000, 1 000, 500, best woman 500, best senior over 60 years of age 500, best player up to 16 years of age 500 (30 000 altogether)
material prizes for other players, women, seniors over 60 years of age and youngsters up to 16 years of age
starting fee in EUR:

players accommodated through the organizer other players
GM, IM, WGM a WIM 0,0 0,0
ELO FIDE >= 2300 17,0 29,5
ELO FIDE >= 2200 25,5 37,5
ELO FIDE >= 2100 29,5 42,0
ELO FIDE >= 1800 33,5 46,0
ELO FIDE < 1800 38,0 50,0
without ELO FIDE 42,0 54,5

discounts on starting fee:

25 % for FM, youth players up to 18 years of age, players over 65 years of age and women
10 % at the joint registration of 10 and more players

fees for rating of the tournament results for ELO in the amount of 2,5 EUR per player charged according to the economic directive of the Chess Federation of the Czech Republic are not included in the starting fee and will be paid by participants during the registration. The organizer pays these fees for players with GM, IM, WGM and WIM titles
players registered after 6th May 2013 pay extra 8,5 EUR

B) 18th May 2013 open tournament in rapid chess

participation of players without age and performance limitations
Swiss system of 7 rounds, 2 x 10 min + 5s/move
financial prizes in CZK*: 1 500, 1 000, 500
material prizes for other players
starting fee in EUR:

GM, IM, WGM and WIM 0,0
youngsters up to 18 years of age, players over 65 and women 3,5
other players 4,5

* Payment in EUR possible
Criteria used for ranking and prizes distribution

1. number of points, 2. median Buchholz, 3. Buchholz, 4. number of wins, prizes are distributed according to Hort system among such number of players which corresponds to number of advertised prizes
Cernigov hotel ***
(the playing hall is situated here, there is a WiFi connection in the common hotel area and in some rooms)

double rooms with a shower and WC - price including breakfast 52,0 EUR/room and night, if only 1 person occupies the room, 35,5 EUR/room and night is charged

AMAS hostel *
(at a distance of 1,5 km from the playing hall, there is a WiFi connection in some rooms)

double rooms, shower and WC on the floor, new furnishings - price 10,5 EUR/person and night, if only 1 person occupies the room, 12,5 EUR/ night is charged
3,4-bed rooms, shower and WC on the floor, modest furnishings - price 8,5 EUR/person and night

Board meals

at the Cernigov hotel according to your choice

Time schedule
Wednesday 15th May 10.00 – 14.00 prezentace A
16.00 1. kolo A
Thursday 16th May 10.00 bleskový turnaj
16.00 2. kolo A
Friday 17th May 09.00 3. kolo A
16.00 4. kolo A
Saturday 18th May 08.30 – 09.15 prezentace B
09.30 – 13.30 1.-7. kolo B
16.00 5. kolo A
Sunday 19th May 09.00 6. kolo A
16.00 7. kolo A
Monday 20th May 16.00 8. kolo A
20.30 turnaj v bughouse (holanďany)
Tuesday 21st May 09.00 9. kolo A
14.00 final ceremony
Possibility of spending free time

Hradec Kralove is a regional city with nearly 100.000 inhabitants situated at the confluence of the Labe and Orlice rivers. There are a lot of historical sights, planetarium and a giant aquarium.
Starting fee and accommodation payments

will be collected during the registration in cash in EUR (at the amount given in these regulations), CZK (in the rate 24:1 compared to prices given in these regulations) or USD or by debit and credit cards: Eurocard/Master Card, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, JCB or Diners Club.
Obligatory applications into FIDE tournament A together with accommodation orders should be sent by 6th May 2013 to the following address:

(registration for the tournament in rapid chess, bughouse and blitz tournament will be accepted only on the day of the launching of the given tournament)

Strossova 239, 530 03 Pardubice
tel./fax +420 466 535 200
mobil +420 608 203 007
e-mail: j.mazuch@avekont.cz
web: http://www.czechtour.net

Interesting things:

Festivals arranged by AVE-KONTAKT agency within the frame of CZECH TOUR International Chess Festivals 2013/2014 Series
15.-21.5. 2013 4th HRADEC KRALOVE OPEN
11.-28.7. 2013 24th CZECH OPEN (Pardubice)
31.7.-8.8. 2013 16th OLOMOUC CHESS SUMMER
31.8.-8.9. 2013 12th SUNNY BEACH OPEN (Sunny Beach, Bulgaria)
21.-28.9. 2013 9th HIGHLANDS OPEN
26.10.-2.11. 2013 14th LIBEREC OPEN
16.-23.11. 2013 4th BRNO OPEN
24.-30.11. 2013 5th PILSEN OPEN
10.-17.1. 2014 13th PRAGUE OPEN
18.-25.1. 2014 13th MARIENBAD OPEN
27.3.-2.4. 2014 2nd LANTA OPEN (Ko Lanta island, Thailand)

Prize fund of the whole CZECH TOUR 2013/14 Series is 25 000 CZK (7 000, 5 000, 4 000, 3 000, 2 000, 1 000, 1 000, 1 000, 500, 500), prizes can be obtained in the form of bonus in the next year of series only, criteria used for ranking: the highest total of points gained in individual tournaments (7 best results from all tournaments for individuals played with rating min. 2 x 1,5h + 30s/move are counted), best place in one of included tournaments, lot
Discount on starting fee and accommodation price - 5% discount in 2nd start in the tournament held within the frame of this year CZECH TOUR Series, 10% in 3rd start, 15% in 4th start etc. (only starts from all tournaments for individuals played with rating min. 2 x 1,5h + 30s/move except for Sunny Beach Open and Lanta Open are counted are counted)

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